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    Montreal People...directions needed

    I might be going to Le Corail Saturday the 11th, thats if I can find the place and the 20 is open and there isnt 30 cms of snow. Is there a faster way to get there from the west other then taking the Champlain bridge? Should I take the 20 from the west or go through on the 40? I have to goto Fairview first so my girlfriend can "shop"... the rest of the day is mine.

    Any suggestions?


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    You'll have to take the Champlain Bridge.
    I think he's closed on Saturdays, so you may wanna call first to check if he's open. He is open on Sundays normally if I'm not mistaken.

    Once you cross the bridge, Take the Taschereau exit, go west, and it will be on the left hand side... It's not very far from the bridge.
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    Le Corail is open on Saturday`s here are the store hours,

    Aquarium Le Corail
    7529 Boul. Taschereau
    Brossard, Quebec
    Canada J4Y-1A2
    Tel: (450) 676-8998
    Fax: (450) 676-8930

    Open Hours:
    Mon: Close
    Tue and Wed: 10 AM - 6 PM
    Thur and Fri: 10 AM - 9 PM
    Sat and Sun: 10 AM - 5 PM

    Tang Mans directions is the right way to get there.


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    Thanks for the info guys, should be easy to get to until people see the Ontario license plate.:guns:

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    bring some know the saq here decides to strike at the perfect time.

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    ya thats it booze for fish what a trade off.

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    It was easy finding the shop, thanks for the directions. There wasnt much there like Steve said everything gets bought really fast. But we did buy a huge monti cap(least thats what I think its called), we're on his mailing list and plan to go back in the future. Like people said very $$$ but quality.

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