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    Off Topic:laptop Required!!

    I am truly sorry to Ivan and the moderators but i just cant log into the classifed...i tried everything.....

    I am looking for a used laptop at least 300mhz and 64 megs of ram and 4 gigs hard drive......Its for my aquacontroller

    I dont mind if you delete this ad guys..but id really like to be able to post in the guys think it my computer...

    I log on the main page and then go to the asks me to log on again...then i log on and it brings me back to the main page...and from there if i go back to the classiffieds....i asks me again to log on....and so forth.....Any suggestions would be appreciated....and a laptop too ejhehe

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    Send a PM to Ivan so he can work out the login issue with ya...

    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    ok thanks

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    I saw some great deals on 300mhz+ units on Ebay.
    check this one out ending in 40 min

    There are model from 150$ + 300mhz+192ram,10gig HD.

    like this one


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    Thanks robin i will look at it right now!!!

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