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    looking for good book on Corals.

    Im going to mexico this week and im looking for a good book to read on corals. i want to learn about placement of them and what speices can be placed next to others and so on..

    anyone know any good books available at chapters?


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    I dont think there is much at Chapters. Any time I check, they have little to nothing. A good book if you can get ahold of it is: Aquarium Corals by Eric Borneman . I checked the site here, and I did not see it, so am not sure if Ivan has it.

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    I second Reefmania's suggestion.

    Anthony Calfo's book of Coral Propagation also has tons of information, just no pretty pictures.
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    Yes, also Julian Sprung's book. Another VERY interesting book to read but is not just about corals is the "Reef Invertabrates" book by Anthony Calfo & Bob Fenner. It is a new book and up to date on all the current reefkeeping practices. Unfortuantely, these books always have to be ordered online as most retail bookstores never carry the good ones.... and I think Ivan is able to get them all.

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    Eric Borneman's book is great. go for it.
    Barnes and Noble also carries it.
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    You keep forgetting...we don't have Barnes & Noble in this backwards country Just Chapters/Indigo.

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    Canada isn't a backwards country...just the fool's who run it are!! lol hehe :

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    So very true

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    I just ordered Aquarium corals by Borneman from Ivan, Its to be sent any day

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