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Thread: Vacation Time

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    Vacation Time

    Yes, I know, it is a bit earlit to talk about vacation time, but this is a somewhat delicate question for me. :eek4:

    We will be visiting the in-laws for a month, hyeah: and I was wondering about automated fish feeders. Is there any reliable automated gizmo that can feed my fishes for a month?? It's enough that I will have to train my brother to check the water chemistry and how to do the pwc without asking him to come in every day to feed the chromis. :hammerhea: I am hopeful that we will not return to find a dead tank.

    Because of this trip, I cannot start the main tank until we return. Drats....

    Ideas? Suggestions? Anyone?



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    Honestly, from your profile, your tank appears to be fairly new, and that is not good. A month gone is too long. You are really going to have to get (or train) someone with experience to take care of the tank.....daily.

    I often duck out for 2 weeks at a time, and even with my mature tank, and my trained assistant, I worry. I have never lost anything, but even after two weeks, I have to do a bunch of maintinence.

    If you want, send me a PM and depending on where you live, I may be able to help you out.

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    How often will your brother be coming by? Is he doing topoffs as well? Fish don't need to be fed every day, they prefer to (don't we all). When I went on vacation, I had my mother-in-law over to topoff the tank and feed the fish. I bought dated pill boxes from the drug store, put a normal sized portion of food in each date (no more than they got at any regular feeding) and stressed that if a day of feeding was missed not to double feed the next time. It worked very well for us.

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    I have to agree with Zookeeper! My BF does weekly maintenance on a number of tanks around town and sometimes a week is too long. It's well worth trying to find someone in your area who does maintenace to stop by once a week at least while you are away!

    As for feeders, we have weekly feeders on our maintenace tanks. They came from Wal-mart and cost about $20 a piece. They feed twice a day for 7 days, then need to be refilled. This could be an option for you. Get yourself one of those little pill holders, you know the ones that have a different holder for each day. You can buy monthly ones at most Dlar Sores or Drug Stores. Divde out the amount of food that you want fed every day, and set up your timmer before you go. Once a week you could have your brother come over to meet the guy who is going to do your maintenace and they could just refill your timmer for you!

    Hope this helps but in the mean time......a month is a long time to leave a new tank! I would try to get someone experienced in at least twice a week. It will be well worth the money!!!! just my oppinon though!

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    I'm in the same boat as you but will only be gone for 2 weeks.. I have my sister in law coming over for top ups and feeding every day (that I will be putting in a weekly pill boxes) then having my brither come over for the skimmer cup and general maintenance on the tank... Prior to that I will make sure to throw in a few extra snails have all the water pre done to HOPEFULLY eliminate any futhure complications with mixing water and so on... As for feeders what I've heard is that if you are feeding flakes you are ok but any freeze dried food has a big potential of getting stuck in the chamber or over feeding.
    Maybe try to find someone here that can help or hire someone from your LFS to come by every day your fish should be ok with only a daily feeding. Good luck to both of us

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    You need to make a friend so you can look after each other's tanks when on vaccation.

    I've used automated feeders on my 75 for a week. They work pretty well, but over the time you're gone you're likely to need a partial as well.

    Mixing the water in advance might work, but still I'd want somebody that knew what they're doing.

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    Umm... Well thanks to everyone for many options to consider. Indeed, I think that all the options suggested may/cold be an option. Such a helpful bunch of people here.

    To clarify things a bit, the main tank is not even wet yet. My chromis are still in my QT. Been there for about 2 months now. They are more then ready to move into their own private lake. :jump2: :jump2:

    Water changes are about 3 gallons and I always have a 5 gallons of RODI water for top off. In effect, the bio load is minimal on this 12 gal. tank. There are 3 astrea snails and 4 blue leg hermits that look after left over food. There is also a 6 lbs live rock in there, so this helps the tank remain fairly stable.

    Thanks everyone for your input! It's really appreciated.

    :bananadan :wave: :bananadan

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