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    Important Partial Question!?

    Okay so I've just got my new frags into the tank (thanks JR!) and I'm doing my habitual partial after adding anything new, listing to my mp3 collection and polishing off a bottle of red wine when it dawned on me...

    Is red wine the right drink for reefing or would a light, crisp white be more civilized? What about hops or scotch?

    These are important things!!! Help!

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    Its really going to depend on your mood and how work went that day. If you had an nice day at work and aren't too stressed and just need to relax at night a nice red or white will do the trick. If every person you talked to that day made you want to rip off your own head then go with the scotch.

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    Well, red wine is said to be better for your heart.

    But, white wine is the choice for fish.

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    generally, fish is conducive to white wines, however, I do enjoy a full bodied red with shrimp on accaision...actually I prefer a red almost all the time. Because coral is pretty veriable in terms of colour and aroma, I would still go for a good red, maybe a Zinfandel or a good Shiraz. Since most corals and fish come the pacific, I think an Australian wine would do best.
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    Whiskey! Neat works for me!

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    "I'll have a scotch on the rocks. Please. Any scotch will do, as long as it's not blend of course. Single malt Glen Livid, Glen Fidiche, perhaps maybe a Glen... any Glen will do"
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    A nice puff of hash and a beer works fine for me :smokin:
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    ...can't argue with that!!

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    Got to say suds and buds are where its at!

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