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Thread: Survivor on TV

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    Survivor on TV

    Ok I know... nobody admits to watching those reality shows anymore but I do! lol

    and I say I watch it to see what cool stuff they will find near those reefs! :

    anybody saw it last week when they took out that big big gigantic clam out!?! it was beautifull..... and they ate it!

    and then they tried to catch a shark....
    can't wait to see what is in store for the reef lovers tonite lol!
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
    Dont mind my spelling mistakes I've got an excuse...I'M FRENCH!

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    I heard that to-nite Jeff Probst gets his foot stuck in a giant clam while a reef shark takes a nip out of him.

    The episode is titled "Reef Lovers - Reality Show Haters Revenge.

    (Yeah, I watch it too).
    Keep passing the open windows!

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    LOL Pubber!

    We also watch it.

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    Someone was saying that that clam that they ate was a very rare one and it cost something like a gabillion zillon dollars. Well really expensive.
    Mike Philpott

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    I'm admitting I actually "don't" watch any reality shows!! really!!!
    Have any of you heard about the cable channel that is the "most" realistic, reality TV channel. It's a paint channel where a camera sits still in front of a section of wall and each morning a new coat of a different color paint is applied. Then the whole day the camera just watches the paint dry!!! I'm serious!!! I heard about it on the radio!!

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    totally addicted to survivor.... i almost wanna cry when i see them eating $75 fish for supper.

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