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    900Gallon Anyone?

    If you have a spare $16k US lying around check out this ebay link.

    Just think how much more fun it would be working on your tank when you just climb in? Wetsuit is not included in bid price. You will also not you will have to supply your own bathing beauties.

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    Drooooolllll, I have a hard enough time affording the salt for my 77. Can you imagine. Thats almost five pails at $70 a pop. HEHEHE my wife would kill me just for looking lol

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    oh man thanks, i was wondering what i was going to do with that 16k wad of cash in my pocket
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    give it to me

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    That is insane, they actually got inside the tank.

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    I hope they didn't pee in it!

    Why is it called "cargo" when it goes by ship, and "shipment" when it goes by car?

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    Originally posted by piatchie
    I hope they didn't pee in it!
    That's how they started the cycle (no raw shrimp there)....

    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    Is it a common occurrence for people to make 'snorkel tanks'? Is it just me or is that utterly stupid? lol. I thought it was an ebay joke of some sort...

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    I >hope< that was for effect.

    Get two women in bikinis in a tank. Who wouldn't buy it? I'd like to see a video of them getting into the tank.

    Nice little tank and Birdseye Maple to boot. But, $16K ?
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