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    Exclamation Caution> look and see what we found!!

    Late Saturday night my husband went outside to turn the water off and remove the hose from the pool. He came running into the house frantic for a flashlight. I asked him what the problem was he said he had grabbed the hose and in grabbing the hose he grabbed something BIG, a big bug and it moved and he wanted to see what it was.

    He tried to get me to go outside with him :eek4: NO WAY I don't want to see any big bug, besides he had turned the deck light on and there were those awful June bugs now flying around

    He went outside and came back in and was IMO a little freaked out. "You have to come see this thing it's MASSIVE and UGLY and I've never seen anything like it. Come tell me if you've ever seen one" YEAH like I want to see something like that NOT.

    My daughters heard him and came out of their room(one then the other) wanting to see it. To say the least the looks on their faces made me know I didn't want to go see so I gave him a camera. I'll post a live pic tonight WHOA what a nasty bug.

    He decided it might be rare or something and actually went out and caught it ughh.

    THIS THING is between 3.5" WITHOUT the claws extended and 2" wide, we didn't even know these things existed. They are apparently very good fakers and play dead and when they see something move the catch it with those claws.

    If you have kids and they like to play near creeks or if your pool isn't clean yet please be cautious!!!

    This is the largest bug in the world and some species can get up to 6".

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    That's one crazy bug heh, it can attack fish..must be cool to see though : Kinda like a mantis

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    i found one in my pool, the skimmer and chemicals took care of it, I think!!!!
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    OMG I pulled one out of my pool this week end!!!!!! I didnt realise they were dangerous!!! :OMG: I picked it up with the pool net and just dumped it over the side of the pool...

    Thanks for the warning!
    BTW I really don't like June bugs either and they are O.U.T already! those are really freaky the way the fly around
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
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    ole carp that big and ugly too....good thing you guys werent skinny diping ehehe

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    Yeah, those things are really cool, eh?

    They make June Bugs seem like house flies.
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    steve666 & Carol how big were yours?

    I'm telling you that mine WITH the claws extended must be close to 5" and DAMN NASTY. I know there are small ones you see on occassion in your pool and chems will get rid of them but this guy was on the SIDE of the pool.

    They are attracted to bright lights and are good flyers UGHH!

    I'll post a close up real life pic tonight. They do have toxins that they inject into you with a thingie like mosquitoes but the toxin isn't fatal (unless you're allergic) but there are known cases, one of which the guys hand swelled up to 2x the size, was numb and he said it hurt like hell, that a bee sting was nothing compared to this.

    My brother used to go tadpole fishing in his bare feet. I never knew we had HUGE dangerous bugs like this here.

    IF you want to see him as soon as the school is done with their Show and Tell I'll ship him to you IMAGINE a 2" wide bug that's 4" long with another 1-2" claws

    PS. Carol I hate June bugs so much but only after grasshoppers which I'm terrified of btw :guns:

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    We used to get them in the pool every summer when I lived at home. Never quite that big, but chlorine seemed to be ineffective against the ones we did get.

    I can personally attest that the smaller cousins of these guys give very painful bites & I've given them a wide berth ever since.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Well I thought I'd give you guys the head up, especially Carol cause she lives relatively close and has kids.

    My husband was saying "You know how many times I've run outside at night barefoot to turn the water on or off or to get the dog, damn I could have been bit by one of those"

    And that started me thinking and reading and yes Volitan I thought about that too LOL

    I can't even imagine this thing biting a kid (the size of this mofo is absolutely incredible I still can't believe it) how much damage or pain a small child would have inflicted on them.

    OR a pet for that matter, my dog is always after bugs!!

    PS I don't think chems do anything to those guys, I think that the chems kill their prey and therefore they aren't attracted UNLESS it's to lights.

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    Dang... I live down the street from Carolpol... I gotta check my pool skimmer tonight... ughhh....
    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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