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    Question my pond is some questions

    hey guys... well my pond if full of water.. it still needs some rock work for the edges and some plants around it. but here are my questions.

    1. do i need to put any additives in it?

    2. how long do i wait before putting fish in there. im only going with comets, no koi.

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    I also have a pond with comets only.I have kept this pond for the last 5 years, and it stays open in winter.

    To answer your questions, it would help to know the size of your pond, équipement, and so on.

    Add fish slowly, not a ton at a time. Keep bioload low. Feed moderately.

    I think additives for comet ponds are a waste of money. Make sure your pond is shaded or you may battle with green water and extreme temperatures…….at least here in Montreal.

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    Pics, pics, pics, we need pics!! :biggrinbo

    I always wanted a pond, but my indoor pond needs to get underway first.
    Ron N

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    Soory I do not have pics.

    My pond is about 40 feet long, but most of it is like a creek about 12-18 inches wide. The main pond in itself is about 6 feet long and 3-4 feet wide.

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    just having some probs with my camera program...i'll have some pics up monday

    as for plants, any i should get or stay away from?

    as for details... its about 400 gallons, no filter or uv light (however this is my next purchase) just a sprinkler head.

    im planing to add a homemade filter box and uv-light next spring. i used a rubber liner and placed some larger rock in the pond and lined it with pea-stone

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