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    Insurance - Is your tank covered?

    My wife called up our insurance company yesterday because it is time to renew our insurance. We have, as the insurance company states: "The Cadillac of insurance policies." We are covered for everything, seen, and unforeseen. When the question of the tank came up, they said we are covered for fish up to $2000. I estimate my tank is worth between $12000 to $14000. The company reitereated that we are covered for fish up to $2000. The live rock and corals, and equipment would have to go under personal property, so yes, it is covered. If that is the Cadillac version, what does the Volkswagen version cover? Make sure you are covered.

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    I'll be calling today!!!!Thanks for the heads up. I didn't even think about that!!!
    Mike Philpott

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    I have coverage of everything in the house as well, seen and unforseen, for a total of the value of my house (which is covered for the purchase ammount).

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    Check out this thread (not AC), dealing with just this topic. Isn't that timing

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    I'm covered for water damage caused by an aquarium.

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    I am applying my insurrance right now on my house as my storage container "162L" of water gave up on me last week.
    cheap Zellers rubbermaid container cracked 2" on the bottom right by one of the legs. Only my container and a bit of my hardwood flooring is damaged. Aquarium and everything inside would have been covered anyway. I just ended up with the hardwood bending a few feet...all I have to pay is the deductable.
    Its just frustrating..hense why I decided to sell my tank and goodies for now and start back in a few months.. just need to clear my head... and the wife really wanted the space back in the kitchen. this just pushed my schedule up a bit.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    my insurance is with RBC. everything is covered! theres no need to itemize as its covered under home contence.

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