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    Coolest public aquariums

    I would like other's opinions on public aquariums. I visited four:

    - Seattle Aquarium: Well worth the visit in my opinion. Coolest cylindrical jellyfish tank. Cool Dragonfish tank. Large tank with reef fishes. Lots of interesting local fauna tanks.

    - Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu: a must for any reefer. Several large tanks with all sorts of reefs creatures (even huge tridacna!). Several outdoor reefs tanks. I think the indoor tanks use natural lighting.

    - Biodome in Montreal: Several ecosystems including a huge tank (660 000 g) representing the Saint-Lawrence with coldwater fish (cod, sturgeon, etc.) and lots of birds above it!

    - Marineland, near Daytona, Florida: Here's was a sorry site. The tanks were old and rusted. Reefs were bad. The place look almost abandonned when I visited a few years back. Too bad.

    Except for Marineland, I can't say that I much prefer one over another. They all have good things to remember.

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    I've been to Marine land on daytona....right along USA 1
    interstate....its true their conditions and their equipment is very poorly kept.....surprise they havent close it yet....
    I also went to Alligator farm in st Agustine..very nice place to visit.......
    there is a nice aquarium at southkeys Fla.
    I believe is a private is located in one of the Islands
    I think is Shark key.if not mistaken.

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    i went to the one in Boston a couple of years back. it was very nice and i would like to back some day.

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    The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California was quite nice. It includes the Outer Bay exhibit which is a one-million (!) gallons tank with tunas, sharks and others.

    Underwater World in Singapore is not bad too...

    I am hoping to see the Berlin Aquarium in the next months, should be interesting. The Radisson Hotel in Berlin also has an 8 storey high tank in the inner court. You can go up an elevator in the centre of it...

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    Bermuda has a few GREAT aquariums:

    The National Zoo has a whole building with different tanks if native fish. Three of the tanks are wall sized which makes for great photos.

    The Bank of Butterfield has a cylindrical tank that goes up two stories. Spectacular!

    I am going to Bermuda on Aug 04 and will take some quick pix to share.

    Gaitlinburg, Tennesee (USA) has an aquarium that my brother (and family) thought was great:

    - It has a moving floor that takes through a glass tunnel (making YOU under glass) that has sharks and large fishes. They liked that moving floor so that EVERYBODY gets a chance to be close up to the glass and there was no bunching of crowds
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    here's that photo of the cylindrical tank. Quite impressive despite my photography
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    I found the Boston Aquarium(New England Aqaurium) fantastic.

    Another to note is the New Orleans Aquarium(aubudon) that was quite impresive especially there seahorse habitat.


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    If anyone has any more pictures of any of the aquariums mentioned, I'd love to see some of them.
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    Originally posted by badmedicine
    here's that photo of the cylindrical tank. Quite impressive despite my photography
    Finally, the tank I want for my livving room
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    cool tank
    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

    Pics -->

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