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    Finally home in NFLD

    Hello everyone.
    I'm finally home in Newfoundland (St. John's) and man oh man have things changed in two years!!!! Whats the names of all the fish stores here? I found PU. I got to say it's alot better than Fredericton!!! Anyway i got to take off. If anyone wants to show me your tanks for inspriation (Spelling) that would be awesome. Let me know!!!

    Mike Philpott

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    Ah...home in Newfie-land..... I am envious.
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
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    hey Mike....back up on stefanger drive and torbay rd (at the lights) there's tropical marine pets....and then there asan aquatics (might be spelled wrong) on Hamilton street down town...kinda hard to see if your heading go to it fron down town and it's on your right heading up towards the village.

    I happen to be in town this weekend and if I get a chance i'll be visiting both of me your # and I'll get ya to go too if I can find ya =)
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