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    Things that make you go hummmm

    Have you seen this?!

    Now I don't know how old this video is.. but I found it on an other forum and was wondering if anyone else had seen this vid or the actual show? The Early Show setting up a "reef" tank.

    I am apalled!!! Can't believe it! all the work we put into telling new people to take their time, to rechearch and poof they show millions of people how "easy" this hobby is!! Just put in a DORIS and why not a sea horse for show and VOILA!

    anyways... makes me sick!
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
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    I think that was last year. Tetra got flamed really bad for that. It truly is quite appalling.
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    But you see it all the time with any show... for example I dont know how many times I watched Home Makeover and they gave them a saltwater tank and in 1 day rock fish salt everything in there... I keep thinking to myself man I would hate to see that tank in 1 month... Nothing but algea and dead fish.. Pretty sad actually.

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    Ya I saw that homemake over too. The kid got a sink in his bathroom that was freshwater, right under the sink.
    Poor lil swordtails I thought all huddled together at the back of the sink..errr tank.
    Anyway, when I bought my first tank at a good lfs, I explained I wanted a planted tank. Oh no problem, the guy sold me 300.00 in tank, plants etc... I had 0.7 watts of light per gallon (I did not know this at the time, learned it later) so everything was doomed. Regular gravel, not planted tank medium. And said, set it up and comed pick out your fish on Saturday. (2 days later) wellll..........I learned the hard way. Amonia killed 2 of my mollies, and the platies however survived it all. How painful. So, the ignorance is everywhere. Its places like this FORUM that save alot of fish.
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