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    Question How to move 150 gal. of water..???

    Hi everyone. As the title indicates, I am looking for suggestions on how to move 150 gal. of waters. Where do you buy/rent pails to move that kind of water? It looks like I will be moving on Sept. 16 or 17 and I have to start planning the move of my tank. Darn! I'll miss the MASO meeting at pwall's place!

    5 gallon bucjets from Big Al/Home Depot could run a bit expensive.

    Thanks for your time folks!


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    Unfortunately, anything larger than a 5gal container would start getting to heavy to move. You have to think of weight as well....
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    So your comming to Rockland. Cool another reefer in town. I would suggest not moving that much water, make new water at the new home and save 30 gallons from the system. I used roughnecks or whatever they are called and moved 10g per bucket.

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    You can get those large commercial garbage cans with wheels. However, being able to get to the new place a few days in advance to get fresh water made would be the best idea.

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    When i moved into this house with my 100 gallon tank in tow I used book boxes and heavy duty trash bags. Book boxes are the right size for stacking on hand dollies and are not to heavy for 2 people to handle. 3/4s full they weigh about 180 pounds. These boxes are about 18 x 18 x 18. It made the move very easy.

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions! :thanx: Now I have different options to look into.

    Dark: Of course I am coming to Rockland. :dance: :wave: :bananadan

    I have to juggle (sp?) two closing dates, old house and new house. If things go the way I whish for, I should have one week overlap to be able to prepare the basement area to receive the tank. Could be a good opportunity to do a major water change too! LOL I already have a rubbish container on wheels that I presently use for my partial water changes. If need be, I could always buy another one to get all this water ready when I arrive with the tank and some of the "old" water.

    Anyhoo... I am starting to babble here! So, thanks again folks, and back to your regularly scheduled program.


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