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    Well AquariaCanada and Toutouche are....

    Well AquariaCanada and Toutouche are...

    mentionned on the daily FAQ of wetwebmedia!!

    Bob Fenner anwsers a question about a blueberry Gorg by sending the user to read the thread right here on AC!

    Here is a copy/paste of it:
    Blueberry gorgonian 9/9/05
    Hi! Thank you and your site for your help thus far. I just have a quick question for you. I bought this (attached picture) as a blueberry gorgonian. I however cannot find any information about it under this name. I was curious if you could give me a better name for it so that I might research it a little. Thank you for your time!
    <A beautiful organism... some input:
    and more specifically for the genus Guaiagorgia
    To sum up... not a photosynthetic species, most folks have "had luck" with Cyclop-eeze, brisk circulation... Read on my friend. Bob Fenner>

    Just taught it was... cool!

    BTW everytime I go shopping and Chris sees a gorg he asks me... can we get that one? and I always awnser...hummm nope not the right pollyp color thanks Toutouche! lol ((you make me look smart!)
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
    Dont mind my spelling mistakes I've got an excuse...I'M FRENCH!

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    Who says Dogs are the only creature that's happy to see you?

    Pics -->

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    Canons shooting coconut creme
    40 guns in a steady stream. :coolmad:

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    good stuff Toutouche!! :thumb:

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    greg as i said before you know your stuff and thats not only fishy things but alot in general.

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