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    Angry can't look at pics on this site

    How come whenever I click on a pic it tells me I'm not registered...and when I click on the register icon it says "you are already registered"

    This is the message I get:

    You must be a registered user to view images!
    To register click on the REGISTER button in the menu above.

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    Wich program are you using... I used to have that with an old version of Mozilla Firefox. Since I installed the latest version I got no problem. With IE it'salways working.
    Martin Langlois

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    It's probably your cookie handling. You have to make sure you allow cookies in order to be able to view the pictures. In IE go to

    Tools>Internet Options>Privacy make sure your settings are on medium or lower or click on Advanced and put a check mark next to "override automatic cookie handling" and put accept to 1st party and accept to 3rd party cookies.

    In firefox go to tools>options>cookies and set it to "allow sites to set cookies"

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