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    Ontario Bound!!!

    Well I'm off to Ontario tomorrow. Well more specifically Barrie area. Do anyone know of any good fish stores there? I know about big als (If you could call it a good fish store). But thats it. Also do anyone know how far Oakville Big Als is from Barrie. If anyone in the area would like to go for a road trip and be navigator (Spelling) I would be willing to go. Well actually it would have to be in at least 3 weeks because I got to come back to Fredericton the week after next and then i'm back up there for 6 months. Cheers,
    Mike Philpott

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    Good luck Mike, see you when you get back

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    Oakville is about an hour away from Barrie
    you take HWY 400 South to HWY 401
    head WEST.
    merge to HWY 427 S (toward QEW)
    to Oakville
    i think the Trafalger is the closest exit to Big Als

    also across directly across the street from the Big al's is the Oakville Reef Gallary
    Definately Worth the look!
    enjoy the trip!

    also look closely at the shark tank in the Big al's
    i missed the Moray the first time i was there!
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    BA and ORG are located on Kerr St. They are actually across the street from one another. Moreless the intersection of Kerr & Speers.

    There is a Kerr exit off the QEW
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    awesome thanks everyone!!!!
    Mike Philpott

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