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Thread: DVD by mail?

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    DVD by mail?

    Hey all,

    Totally off topic but is anyone using a DVD by mail rental company?

    I've been thinking of trying it out, but there's a couple in Canada now.

    Any recommendations?

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    1,103 is the best! I've used them for about 1 year now. 4 Moives out at a time and no limits. The depot is right here in ottawa also so that means that movies arrive fast. For 24.95 you can't beat it.

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    What StephG said... I've been with them for over a year. The plus is you get as many movies as you want(only 4 out at a time)... the down is sometimes you don't always get them when you would like. Worth the $25


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    Is that 25.00 for the whole month or just for 4 movies ?

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    25 for the whole month

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