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    Direct Buy

    Any one ever heard of direct buy. They say you can buy from them at manufacture sales price. All you have to do is sign up for a 10 year membership. Where the first 3 years cost you 4g's and the next 7 cost another thousand dollars. So 5 grand for a 10 year membership sounds a bit high.

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    Worth reading with respect to any discount buying club:


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    My brother is part of this club... he says its good if you plan on refurnishing your house over the next few years... he saved a lot of $$$ even after the membership costs but he did buy a ton of items from them. You need a lot of $$$ to profit from this club IMO. Not everyone has $5000 to give away. You'll need to spend another 10,000 to break even but after this is done your in good shape.


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    That is exactly what I was thinking. Since everything in my house, including the house itself is brand new. It would hardly be worth it.

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    It was a different name but the same principle ...

    I went to an "Invitation Only" night for one club. $1800 membership. You were limited to viewing their price on 3 items. Then the strong arm sales tactics. Luckily I'm bigger than most people and can express attitude bigger than the sales person.

    We were not allowed to leave, consider the plan and buy in later. ONLY that night. (some crap about an arrangement with the wholesalers)

    In the end, from what I could tell, if you are in the process of building a house and plan to proceed to furnish it from nothing, you can save money (over and above the membership price). But, for most people who have a house, want a proper selection and aren't about to spend more than $30,000 on such things the savings won't be there.

    In fact, I saw the strong armed sales person a few years later (in my local pizza parlor) pitching some pyramidal (no wait that is not legal) sales scheme tied to some offshore on-line gambling money maker. He used the same line, "You see the <nice car> out there? I bought that CASH. You can make that kind of money too."
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    Yep, same strong arm techique. You can't leave and come back later. It a once in a life time deal. It was one of their rule.

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    i hate people like that makes me think of amway.

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    I am a member of Direct Buy. I joined when the membership was 1800$ about 5 years ago. You can save alot of money on big ticket items only (because of shipping costs). The sell pitch is hard to take but we had just purchased a house and had done some shopping before going and the cost savings were there. After five years we only saved enough to cover the membership price though (only purchased about 15K worth of stuff). At 4k, I would recommend walking away. They claim you can save money on every day items but the shipping costs eat up any savings you might have. At the end of the day,you are usually tempted to buy the top of the line items that you would never have purchased otherwise (saved 500$ on a digital camera but I don't use any of the options that make it so expensive). The mark-up on low end electronics isn't very high.

    Anyways, long story short - I don't really recommend joining unless you just bought a new house and have to purchase alot of stuff. Also, 4k is way too much for membership! If you are thinking about it and want more info just PM me.


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