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Thread: swatch watches

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    swatch watches

    My wife wants a swatch watch for christmas and I can't find any. Anybody know where I can find some in the ottawa area. I went to the Bay and they only cary a few. Christmas is getting close and I need to find one fast.

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    Cant go wrong with

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    I got mine in out of the country...but I believe that the Bay in Bayshore sells them. At least one of the department stores there does. They have a small selection though. For a large selections of swatch watches, check out jewlery stores in Bayshore, St. Laurent Shopping Centre and Rideau Centre. They will surely have them. I recall having my battery replaced a couple times around town at these places and noticing their new selections of swatch watches

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    im about 90% sure they have swatch at peoples dont quote me but im pretty sure

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    I think they have watch at The Bay and Sears
    I know the bay had the traditional swill watches (at least they did last year)
    They have alot of other high end watches
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    I found some at the corner of O'connor and sparks. There were lots of swatch stickers in the window. I went in and they had a whole selection.

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