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    anybody with a tank in the same room as a wood stove ?

    Is this doable ? my next tank will be in the basement and i wanted the stove in that same room so it can heat up all the floors above it.
    the stove i'm talking about is something like this:

    water temp issues ? anything else.. ?
    i think its not doable.. but i'd like confirmation

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    Mine is in the same room as a fire place, but mine is wood pellet driven. No issues with water temp or anything so far, has been in this room for a year.

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    ok interesting to know. I guess I might be worried for nothing. the stove will be about 15feet away from the tank ( opposing sides of the room )... i was just worried that the water would get too warm or that the glass would crack from the temp diff.. but i guess it can't be more then like 30-35 C in the room if its at maximum heating capacity and the aquar water will be at like 80f or 28c on the other.

    thx for the info A+

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    My tank is about 6ft away from my wood-burning stove. Here's a pic from last year...

    As you can see, that's not very far at all. The tank's temperature definately increases while I'm running the stove. So as long as you take this into consideration and compensate appropriately (fans on sump or chiller, etc), you should be ok.
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    I'd be careful with temp fluctuations mostly.
    I remember my woodtove could make my living room well into the 90's to the point my daughter would have the doors and windows open an be sitting on the stoop with the dog lol.
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    thanks Vince ! i should be ok then, my tank will be on the other side of the wall.. just one side facing the room. thx for the info.. looks like i'll have the stove there afterall

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    Whoops, I missed this, but my old 33 gallon tank was in my basement in the same room as my wood stove. We even had french doors on the room to keep the heat in when we were down there, and it was like that for 7 years with no issue. If it got too warm in the room, we'd just turn down the stove and open the french doors up to cool the room off. It was a small tank, so if anyone would have had problems with overheating, it would have been me
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    My house is heated with a new wood burning cook stove. The aquarium is about 10 feet from the stove. No problems thus far.


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