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    Looking for Voulunteers Re:tragedy and fire

    I had posted this ad last night on OVAS and am now posting it here, I have tremendous support from the OVAS members and am also posting the same ad here. The warm heartfelt responces from Ottawa Hull hobbiests I have been recieiving is overwelming but there is a huge job here to be done and many hands would be appreciated.

    Hi Folks
    By now I guess most have heard of the terrible disaster that happened at Rays place. I havent been online for the last few days but know all about the disaster and have been spending alot of time with Ray lately. He will never ask a soul for help but will give you the shirt off his back, so I am looking for anyone that is willing to help out at his place. He has no clue that I am posting this and I may get a blast from him for doing this, but what I want to do is compile a list of volunteers to help clean and get some of his equipment sorted and stored so that he may be able to start up in the near future. What you have read in posts here is true, I was with Ray when Nelson came over and the look of shock that I saw on Nelsons face as he stepped in says it all.
    Please PM me with your name and phone number if you can spare some time and be prepared to get dirty,perhaps even bring extra clothes to change into. The days and times will be determined shortly and I will contact you by phone or pm.

    Klaus Jenett

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    hey klaus i already posted it in nelsons tread but like i said everywhere im in to help out the best i can.

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