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    The Manfrotto tripod, is that the one that looks more like it belongs in a jet than a camera tripod? If so, I tried it, and that one is SWEET!
    58 gallon display, 20 gallon sump, Octopus Recirc 110, Mag9 return. Nova Extreme lighting.
    55lbs live rock.
    Yellow Tang, 2 Clowns, Kupang Damsel, Yellow Watchmen.

    24 gallon AquaPod, 24lbs live rock.
    Valentini Toby, Coral Beauty, various snails, hermits.

    12 gallon AquaPod, 12lbs live rock, lots of mushrooms.

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    I have owned the Sigma and the Cannon. I owned the Sigma for about 20hours. It was crazy noisey. The Cannon is awesome.

    There is/was a guy at work who was a semi-pro photog who shot nikon and he has the same feedback, tried the sigma and went to the Nikon 105mm.

    From the trade mags, the Nikkon 105mm out performs the Cannon slightly, we are splitting hairs, but that is kind of un-important if you already own a cannon or nikkon.

    My strong advise is to get the Nikkon, or get it at henrys where they will let you return the sigma if you do not like it. I think they give a few days with a full-credit return policy.

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