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    for SLR people, my review on the 50mm 1.8f canon lens.

    after much debate,
    decided to buy a canon 50mm 1.8f prime lens.

    I definitly notice its small size, and weight.. like 4.7oz.. plastic box and plastic ring. I'm not a fan of plastic rings, but its alternative is over 5 times its price.

    I also notices the increace of light from my regular 4.5-5.6 lenses. its like 3 full stops more light.

    @ 1.8 its an incredibly fast lens, but its not enough aperture to take descent coral or tank pics in my mind as its too narrow of a depth of field. it takes nice descent pics after 2.5 and around 5.6 to 8 the sharpness is amazing. Its great when trying to catch fish swiming around. Very little chromatic aberation ( less then many of my lenses ).

    i'm still not used to primes yet, and still searching for that damn zoom

    but all in all, i'm happy i picked this one up,

    anybody has a similar lens and/or would like to comment, please feel free to do so

    here are some pics of what it looks like:

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    Hello Liv,

    I have an old Nikkormat Ftn with two vintage nikkor lenses, the 50 mm (2.0f) and the legendary 105 mm (2.5f). I bought the set about a year at hamfest for about 60$. I feel fortunate to own these rugged, precision pieces of equipment. I measured the shutter times and, even after thirty years, it's still working perfectly. Took a lot of outdoor shots. I haven't tried taking pictures of my reef because I feel a digital camera is more suited for the job. Look at my high resolution pictures at my AC gallery. I like the Cynarina, the Closed Favites and the Euphyllia paradivisa best. These were taken with an Olympus Digital Stylus camera that was lent to me by my sister. I am really happy with the results. Compared to a 35 mm camera, the relatively short focal length of the Olympus lens gives good dept of field. I used a tripod, shutter delay and no flash for all the shots. There is some bit of photoshop work on the pictures to increase sharpness using the unsharpen tool. I was aiming to reproduce what I saw. Neverless I feel I used too much of this filter on the Zoanthus picture.

    Sorry for the rant. I really love photography.

    I really like your "Pink Yuma, getting bigger" picture. Can you e-mail me a high resolution version of it? I would use it on my desktop (1600 x 1200).

    20 g reef, 72 g reef

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