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    February's POTM theme

    Well it's Valentines month so I thought something with couples might be nice. Not many people have mated pairs but I've noticed many have unusual "friends". February's theme is ODD BEDFELLOWS. Any photo that has two critters in a relationship counts. It could be an actual pair or a symbiotic relationship, maybe just two critters that are just friends for no real reason or even two critters that love to hate each other. Let's see some pics showing interaction!

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    Awesome theme Susan!! I've added the new category in Photopost. Time to go find a pic....


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    I've never posted a pic for the photo of the month... do I put a link here, to an uploaded pic? I might have one that'd suit!
    I've noticed that raising kids & fish are similar: Patience & dedication really pays off!

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    Coral, go to the Photos link at the top of the page, then down to the "Photo of the Month Contest Pictures" link, and pick "Odd Bedfellows" (Feb). You can upload a photo there.

    - Alan

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