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    how to move a mushroom

    Can I take a razor to the base of the mushroom to move it?

    I have about 5 mushroom on one rock that are starting to get bigger. I would like to move one or two to another area.

    Any hints?

    P.S No that is not red algae- I played with the colours a bit.
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    yes a razor blade will work or a sharp pair of scissors. cut it at the base and use elastics to hold it to another rock for a week or so. Then it will attach and you can place it where ever you want it.
    Sorry, I realized they were hairy mushrooms. I don't know if you can treat them the same way as a typical shroom. Hopfully someone with experience will chim in for some reassurance. IMO, it should be the same thing. Ashroom is a shroom after all.

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