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Thread: colt coral frag

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    colt coral frag

    I have a colt coral which split in two. I have been trying to attach the second piece to a rock for a week now and little success. I tried initially with locktite but the coral fell off and then I tied it on with some fishing twine. The coral is still in place but does not open up like the mother piece. Is this normal? What should I expect? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks I am fairly new at this.


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    Patenice is the key. It will recover in time. I use elastic bands as I find the fishing line tends to cut into the coral. Just tight enough to hold it in place is all that is required. Good luck!

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    I think it takes a few weeks to attach...

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    We use plastic toothpics, cut in half for attaching all of our softie frags.

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    same as xerces, elastic band to hold lightly in place works well.

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    I've just used regular thread and needle. Sew it through and wrap the rest of the thread around the piece of rock you want it to attach to. Seems to work for me.

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    All those methods work but I've found that if you just take a small plastic container (those small one serving yogurt) and throw some rubble in there with the frag you'll find it's less messy, not much effort.
    Within about a week it'll attach to either a piece of rubble or the container. If it's the container just cut (the plastic/frag) a small circle and mount it.

    I like that method cause there is less handling of the frag (which is already stressed and in the case of leathers slimy) and it's fast/easy. The only downside is that you have that cup (ugly) in your tank for the attachment time but the upside (besides fast/easy) is that the cup cuts off some circulation from entering the cup, leaving the frag to attach without the problem of having flow move it about. (maybe this is why it works faster)

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    Quote Originally Posted by papafish
    We use plastic toothpics, cut in half for attaching all of our softie frags.

    This is the garf method. And I think the best. The elastic works to, but if it's in a too high flow area it will tear the colt. I know, I did it

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