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    fragging brown button polyps?

    Does anyone know if I was to just cut a polyp off of my buttons and place it on a new rock with fishing line, would it reattach and survive?

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    I wouldn't do that... I'm almost certain those are the most toxic and cutting them will release this toxin. It has to make it inside your blood stream but not worth the risk if you ask me.


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    ok in that case pheeeeeeew, lol I didn't do it but i was going to tommorow to see what would happen. Now I know!!!


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    Any control method for brown button polyps? I have a patch with pink eyes over-running my nano.

    They've annexed a chunck of live rock I wanted to put into the 90G, but I don't want the brown poyps everwhere in that tank...

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Anything from the "palythoa" species is most definately very toxic, so be careful, wear latex gloves, and wash up when you are done. Read this for more info:

    Cutting off a "head" from a stalk of button polyps won't do anything....other than kill it. You need to remove the mat from the rock, either by peeling it from the rock with a razor blade/exacto knife, or simply chisel a piece of the rock.

    As for getting rid of buttons, here some ideas:

    1) inject them with kalk
    2) introduce sundial snails....a natural predator of zoos (obviously don't do this if you have other zoos you want to keep)
    3) remove the rocks with the buttons on them, sell them, and use the money to buy "clean" rocks.

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