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    Zoos, polyps, and other cheap corals

    i just got a new light for my reef tank. so now i have 4 VHo and 4 compacts on it. brilliantly bright. colours i've never seen before.

    How much light is too much light?
    where abouts is a good place to put zoos? direct light near the top. in moving water.

    my leather corals LOVE it.

    i moved my gornipora. before he was near the top but now he's in the bottom, i don;t think it liked the direct light.

    also with this power of lighting, what are some other corals that i could get?
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    frogspawn or hammer coral ar really nice like bright light and maybe other stony corals like candy cane?
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    Zoos will probably do better near the bottom in your tank...

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    u don't have VHO liar... lol those are regular flourecent

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