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    Pentair Aquatics Quiet One Pump

    I was wondering if anyone has had problems with the Quiet One pumps. I just recently purchased one (4000HH model) from J&L aquatics and when I plugged it in....nothing happened. I took it apart to find the rotor had busted between the magnet.

    I called J&L and they were very receptive to my problem and sent a replacement to me immediately.

    Well I recieved the second pump tonight, placed it in my sump, plugged it in and .................nothing. I took it apart and found the magnet in two pieces.

    These pumps should be plug and play so what's the deal? Is there something I am missing? Your comments are appreciated.


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    we carry them aswell and from our own records about 3% are just faulty, I would send the whole unit back and get a replacement unit. in general they are good and the price is very reasonable also.
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    maybe ask them to test the next pump before sending it. this is why i like to purchase stuff like this locally, the savings are usually gone if you have to ship it back, even for warranty work down the road.

    that said, i deal with J&L for books and my halide bulbs ( when they have them in stock ) and they are great to work with.

    hope everything works out for you.

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