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    Pros and Cons of a plenum

    I just installed a plenum in my 10g, i am debating wrether or not to set one up in my main tank...

    i dunno its looking alright but i haven't had a chance to test any water and the like...

    i wanna know what are pros and cons about the plenum system?

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    Really depends on the system your running it on and your goals for having one. Before just simple deep sand beds, Bob Goemans was saying you should set up your tank with a plenum under your sand bed. Seemed like he had all the answers so I did as told. Didn't work so well and I think alot of the sand bed crashes were of this type. At least among people who knew what they were doing otherwise but no in this area. Then about a couple of years ago a guy was running a plenum system that he continually siphoned water from. It was like one big continues water change (slow rate). Pulling water through a deep sand bed into the plenum. I really liked this idea too. But I never tried it. He got flamed pretty good on a number of boards but not for his idea. More for the rigidity of his method. A bit of megalomaniac as I remember. I wish I had tried it though for fun.
    Don't know if any of this has helped more of a ramble than anything.

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    Here's something I found on the topic..

    A Plenum system provides a more efficient form of dentrification because it has a little bit of oxygen (0.5-2.0 mg/l) in the sand layer creating an anoxic zone. This zone helps convert nitrates back to their gaseous state. Where as a DSB with the sand placed directly on the bottom of the tank creates an anaerobic zone which converts nitrates back to ammonium and no further. This is seen as a shortcoming of DSB because the ammonium is a preferred algae nutrient.

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