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    Vho Bulbs on No Ballast?

    Well just looking to find out if i can put some use to some older VHO bulbs i have.. i have 2 older VHO super actinic bulbs.. and i dont have any more electronic ballast.. but i do have a "GlowMat" electronic ballast thing? designed to run 2x 40 watt nos.. wondering if i could run VHO bulbs on it.. i konw they would not fire at 110 watts? but would they fire at all? Just wondering..


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    A VHO bulb needs 1500mA to work. NO bulbs work at 425mA. So a NO balllast won't fire a VHO bulb. The other way is possible (NO bulbs on a VHO ballast), though.
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    How do you like those GloMat ballast setups? Do they work well? I was thinking of getting them.

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    the GlowMat works well.. i have been running it now for 2 years.. bought it i think it was likke $65 then people told me about the ShopLites from Homedepo witch work well for $15 but only last a couple of months with the humidity...

    I will just have to wait for my WH7's to fire up the old Vhos.

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