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    Nano Hints

    Nano Hints
    [list][*]Get the best Live Rock you can. Probobly Indo-rock, with purple stuff[*]Get test kits. Amonia, Nitrite, High Range-PH, Nitrate. (to begin with)[*]Get Hardy Small Fish. but a Damsel will attack other fish. Royal Gamma or Neon Goby is very good. Clown is good too. [*]small Hang-on skimmer like BakPac. (Use bio ball side as refugium)[*]Get some macro algae like Caulurpia and trim it back as it grows.[*]Some small snails, and a few hermit crabs.[*]Dont get an anemone[*]Put lights on Timer, and if you have a fan put it on too.[*]Mini powerhead to help circulation[*]30 percent water changes are easy every 2 weeks.[*]Be twice as carefull ass if you had a nig tank[/list:u]
    You will want lots of light, unless you only want to keep softies like feather dusters, mushrooms, button Polyps, 5 star polyps, leather coral and maybe some Xenia. (in that order) I think softies look great. especially Xenia so I'm not knocking a softy only tank– it's easier.

    If you get sucked in and want some LPS (like a bubble coral), or SPS (like Montipora) , you'll need more light. and you'll have to start thinking about adding calcium to your tank, because LPS and SPS need calcium to grow their skeletons. Adding calcium can be a pain. People often do it by dosing kalkawasser. But that's a pain, so I recommend dosing with B-ionic. Bionic ads calcium, strontium, Iodine, and other things your critters need, and it also keeps your Alk high, which in turn will keep your PH constant. You'll hear some people will say B-ionic is too expensive, but thats because they have big tanks. You are only going to need a tenth what they do. A $30 bottle will last you a year, and even if you only have softies, it'll make them happier.

    Read as much as you can!

    Good luck,

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    Re: Nano Hints

    Actually I have a 10g but same thing  I know what your saying about overskimming, but I dont think it's a problem, I adjust my skimmer cup so it only collects a little. Usually it doesnt collect all that much, except after a big feed, or after a waterchange and I've used water conditioner.

    Trace elements like iodine etc get replaced by B-ionic, and though we cant test for all them, I dont feel they are getting sucked out any more than a 5 foot skimmer on someones100g tank. I've tried it on and off, and with it on I get less algae. If I adjust my skimmer to skimm too much, my xenia's fingers start to look thinner. I assume because there is not enough nutrient in the water and it rely's more on photosynthesis. Everything I've read seems to say it is REALLY hard to overskim a reef tank. And I had a spare skimmer anyway.

    Most Nano's are really HEAVILY stocked, and a skimmer adds loads of oxygen into the water, regardless of how you set your cup.

    Also you can set it up as a tiny refugium. I've got loads of little critters in mine. It's like having Sea Monkeys!

    All that being said, many people with nano's DONT use skimmers, and just do 15% water changes every week. Me, I do both; because I'm super keen.


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    Re: Nano Hints

    Im just starting up a 5.5 gallon Nano tank... Just started it today.. So far i have ....

    3 inch sand bed
    9 pounds of rock Good stuff ( feather dusters, Brissel worms, Green star Pulops)
    50 watt Ebo Jagar heater
    and im running a Aquaclear 150.. For water cerculation
    and a 55 watt power compact light strip..

    SO im hoping to be good.

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