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Thread: Lighting Help

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    Lighting Help

    Alright guys,

    Got the new 100g Cycled and running.. The issues im having now is the custom canopy is only 6 inches from the water line to the top of the canopy, Sorry it came like this..

    So i was going to go halides, Just becouse i do have a Corcea Clam.. but what i want to do now... Due to space and Heating issues is just run VHO..

    So the tank is 100G, 24 inch hight on the tank, with a 5 inche sand bed so thats about 19 inches.. im going to be running 6 VHO's spread out across the inside of the canopy Giving me 660 Watts of VHO lighting.. This will be great for my LPS and Softies i have .... Now do you think my clam would do well under these lights?

    Anyone have first hand experience.. Like most.. i have done all the reading.. and got the "new one Ripped out of me" from RC.. but looking for some first hand experience! .. lol


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    I have seen it done with a guy down here. What he did was build a nice little plateau or shelf out of live rock that was about half way up his rock wall. Looks really nice. The clam was placed there and luckily it stayed. It's been there over ayear now and doing well. I emailed him just now and this is his lighting....

    6 VHO consisting of 4X 50/50 bulbs and 2X blue atinics

    I don't think I've been on RC for over 4 months. I get sick of everyone jumping down your throught for new ideas. Just remember, there was a time in this hobby where SPS corals and clams ould not be kept. When the first person mentioned metal halide lights, did he get attacked for stupidity? What about the first person to make and use a protien skimmer? These new ideas are why this hobby evolves and gets better every year....just my opinion....:
    The only thing two reef keepers will agree on, is what the third reef keeper is doing wrong!

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    Crocea and Derasea clams can be kept under VHO no problems at all. no worry. If your tank was really deep then you'd have to raise the clam but you have 6 VHO and I kept mine under 4 VHO so don't sweat it.

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    LOL, I agree..

    Well the clam i have i have had for awhile.. and it is attached to a rock, So i too can make a shelve.. and place his rock on it.

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    What's to stop us from adding a nice 4" trim to the bottom of your canopy so that it sits an additional 4" higher?

    Post some detail pics of the canopy in the DIY section and we'll see what we can come up with...

    Van impdaddy
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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