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    time for lightning

    i wonder if any body knows wath time and what light should go on got 2 compact 10,000k 2 power glo and 2 sun glo
    tanks marc

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    Depends on what you like! ..

    I mean set the tanks Timmers so that you get the most benifit from them... Myself i have my lighting period between 4pm and 4am.. just becouse thats when im home and awake..

    Ideally what i like is to have Actinics ( Blues ) come on 2 hours before and stay on for 2 hours after.. with all the lights on for 8 hours in between!

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    till 4:00am??!!! wow, i thought i was the only one up that late! well i dont need to keep my fish up that late with me, they get to go to bed at 11:00pm - i figure it can also serve as a hint to any company that may still be lingering around that late. i have my actinics on from 3:00pm-11:00pm and 10,000k joins between 4:00pm-10:00om. i only have 8 hours total and 6 hours full as i fight this hair algae issue. after which time i would let them start coming on earlier (because saturday and sunday when i am home i dont get to enjoy them during the day).
    Toooloud - The only issue i would see with leaving the lights from 4pm-4am is that during the day, even though the lights are off, there is still light in the room (unless u keep all your shades closed) and that would really only leave the fish from 4am-sunrise to rest. could this stress them or throw them off a little by not having enough "dark" hours?
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