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    Shipping from US

    Hi. I'm new to the hobby. I haven't got a tank yet, but I'm reading like a fiend. I think I'm obsessed.

    I'm just wondering where Canadian reef-keepers get their livestock. I've come across a number of great sites, but the common theme seems to be that they only ship to addresses in the US. I'm starting to wonder if there's a law against exporting living creatures from the US. Are there good Canadian companies that you order from?

    Thanks in advance.


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    You can order directly from Ijo that runs this site and Ottawa should have lots of local places...little ole halifax has at least three local places that you can buy on site. If you do a google search for canadian+marine fish the canadian ones should pop up.

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    One such good site is this one here that you're already on!! Ijo's ( Ivan) main reason for this site is because it is an online business. He sells livestock & drygoods. Other good places that are Canadian are JL aquatics and Saltwaterconnection. There are others also.
    The main reason American companies don't ship libe stuff as individual orders is because every order that crosses the borders nee a CITES permit attached to it. These are time and money consuming and not worth doing for each order. hey are usually done for retail or distributors only, not individual public sales.

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    Its always tricky when ordering livestock from the US,I was going to order some corals from Blain,and he told me its best that I drive to the border because they had held someone elses order at customs,they seem to still need alot of paperwork such as cities even if they were raised in captivity.

    There are quite a few good online livestock dealers in Canada,Aquaria (this site),J&L Aqauticis,Aquarium Depot.


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    I'm going through the CITES application process to move my tank from US to Canada as part of a household move. It cost $25 to apply and at least 6 weeks.

    Here is an interesting loophole that somebody may want to verify. CITES only applies to "reef building" corals (SPS, LPS). Softies and zoos are not even in the CITES database.

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    or you can always just to what i do... - LIVE IN THE US!
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    Susan- ROFLMAO!
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    Susan, I shuddered inwardly when I read that suggestion, but thought it would be rude for me to say anything, being a newcomer and all.

    I sent IJO an email last week, asking if his was an actual store (and if so, where it was located), or if it was an online store only. He may have answered, but if he did I inadvertently purged it with the junk mail - seriously, I get literally hundreds of junk mail messages every morning at my work address, and I do sometimes throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I need to see some real tanks and creatures. I'm getting a lot of information from the net, and looking at a lot of pictures, but it would be so much better to be able to go look at some tanks. (I've been to Marinescape, and so far those are the only real saltwater aquariums I've ever seen in my life.)

    Does IJO have a store I can visit? Does anybody know of any tanks in public places in Ottawa (offices, stores, etc.) I can go look at?

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    Welcome to AC Zoomer!!

    I did receive your email and have sent a response... I can understand about the junk mail problem... I just recently found out I had junked a supplier price list a month ago.. lol

    We are an online shop but your more than welcome to stop by if we can set up an appointment before hand.

    What you need is MASO... they try to meet every month but sometimes go every 2 months. We meet at different members homes and talk reefs!!! its a ton of fun... and best of all get to see what others are doing with their setups. You should really try and make it out to the one on November 30th... a ton of door prizes are being given away!!!


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