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    Lighting - to MURDER algae!

    the latest suggestion i received to continue in my war against the evil hair algae, would be to use the secret light weapon.
    The LFS said that i could shut my light off for 3 days and the algae will die off - he says the corals will be just fine. does this make sense? something i should try? i figured they will just think its cloudy out - he he (dont tell them about the war)
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    Well, that might work, but it will likely just grow back unless you find the cause and rectify it. Like more nutrient export, water changes, less feeding etc. Unfortunately there is no magic wand here. Hair algae is a rite of passage. We have all been there. Most of us survived it, and moved on to something else - cyano, bryopsis, dinos, ...And if you turn your lights off for three days and it all dies, you will have a huge decaying mess unless you siphon it out real quick!

    I have used this method for FW tanks that turned green due to too much sunlight, but if the problem is nutrients it won't help for long.
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    well as it dies off, i am doing water changes to export all the nutrients that are locked into it so that it doesnt grow back (i have also cut back a lot on feeding)
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