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    Crabs disappearing

    I have just noticed that my crab population seems to have crashed. I had around 25 in my 70G and added another 25 when I upgraded to 125G. I used to see lots of crabs and now I find it difficult to spot more than 3 or 4 at a time.

    Anybody ever experienced this?

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    Do you hear "clicking" noises coming from the tank at night?

    Can you spot a collection of hermit shells in an area?

    If you answered yes, then you may have a mantis shrimp.

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    They tend to go where the food is and that's frequently means hanging upside down between 2 rocks you'd never consider a crab would fit into.

    The population of clean up crew tends to be self balancing. If you're worried though, check your water parameters. If you're shy clean up crew you should start noticing a drift in your basic numbers as the crew you have left isn't up to the job at hand.

    You'll probably also notice you have to do more of the cleaning, personally.

    If you're finding any of the above, then the crabs may have shucked this mortal coil. Anything in the tank that might find them a tasty treat?

    Hermits are otherwise pretty tough. Everything else would be pretty much dead long before the crabs notice a change in water chemistry.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    if u realy wanna see how much crab u have, just throw a piece of shrimp or somehtign on the sand bed, within an hour it should be crawling with crabs

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    I have also noticed a build up of a white fluff on my Tunze and on macro-algae. I added 10 trocus last weekend and they seem to be helping things along. Clean up crew is hard to find these days - hopefully Ivan's shipment comes in soon.

    Everything else in the tanking is looking great (LPS/softies/fish/shrimp) and my snails are spawning.

    I haven't heard a clicking sound in my tank but between the return pump and the skimmer it would have to be a pretty loud mantis crab. Do they start clicking right at lights out?

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    One of the 25 blue leggs I started out with has grown ALLOT and I have caught him attacking and eating the smaller ones. I estimate I am at 8 blue leggs now. Perhaps you have a similar situation?

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