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    Actinics - VHO or T5

    I am on the virge of switching my actinics. I have regular output and Power compact combination but I don't like them for actinics.

    I want to switch to VHO or T5 any advantages that 1 has over the other?

    Are there cost of running issues?

    My tank is 6 feet long (125 gal standard dimensions)

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    T5 is cheaper, cost efficient and last longer

    VHO comes in 6' sizes, where as T5 you'd have to stagger 4' ones

    colour is better on T5 IMO

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    I have heard that VHO is really much deeper an actinic and there fore brighter than T5..I have the Helio T5's myself and might switch

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    For atinics VHO is the best. This has been mentioned in many T5 threads on reef central. This is the reason I stayed with my vho atinics over switching to T5. This just just my opion and what I found on my researching.

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    I think most T5 pure actinics aren't very potent (which is why many T5 users go with blue/combo bulbs). However, there is a new T5 actinic made by... UVL I think. Reported to be quite good.

    As it stands right now, VHO is probably the safer bet for actinic supplementation because you'll get what you expect.

    However, I'd still go with the T5 supplements if I were you. Manufacturers are improving T5 bulbs all the time, and given the bulb life and power advantages, you might be stuck with old-tech in a few years.

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