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Thread: New tank...

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    New tank...

    Hello guys,

    I am ready to show yo my new tank. It has been running now since Oct and doing great.

    Now I just finished installing my ATO and I noticed something weird with my sump...

    Before connecting the pump to the ATO, I put a light to see. Well, this is when I noticed something strange with my sump. The light kept going on and off and a certain interval and then I noticed that my sump water fluctuates. I made sure that my holes on my return were not blocked.

    Any ideas?

    tank pictures


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    no idea, but tank looks good, pretty heavy duty for a little tank

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    15G tank and 10G sump

    Yes it is but I wanted as less as possible in the tank and I wanted to do a minimal water change.

    I beleive this was the best solution for me

    3 years SW (with a big crash in the middle). 15G with a 10G sump

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    nice setup.. as for the ATO.. two things.. these switches are very if you have current of any kind.. you will be tripping it on and off constantly.. try to limit this with a set of baffles.. and maybe adding another switch in series.. so you need both tripped at the same time to cause the ATO system to start.. depending on how fast its tripping of course.. if just might be evap.. but i bet its current. two and some baffles should do the trick

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    IMHO, it's simple chatter. You're likely close to the triggering point on the switch and minor swells & ebbs are causing it to cycle rapidly.

    The easy way to get around it is a second switch in series. If that doesn't work, there's a few tricks with water tension I can try to explain. Think of a glass of water, turned upside down in the sink. As you pull it out, the water stays in the glass.

    You can do the same in your sump to control how your switches turn on & off but calibrating can be a pain...

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    pas mal beau mon buck...

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    Nice set-up!
    180g AGA inwall W/ 2 overflows W/ 205g sump 20g fuge, 77g W/ 30g sump 12g fuge w/mag 9.5 pump.

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