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Thread: Cleanup Crew

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    Cleanup Crew

    What would you suggestfor a cleanup crew for a 50 gallon reef? I now have 4 astrea snails,6 blue leg hermits, and an emerald crab in a 35 gallon but think in the new year I will get a 50 gallon drilled tank and use my 35 as a sump.

    Thanks Frank

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    20 hermits, 30 snails (mix of narsarius (or cerith) and astea), 2 serpent star or brittle stars, one emerald crab, maybe a sea cucumber if u wanna take the risk

    yea that sounds bout right...

    narsarius will get killed by hermits if u don' provide them with extra shells.

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    you forgot a turbo or two.

    if you have a nice sand bed then a fighting conch is also a good guy to have.

    IME the nassarius snails are to fast and dive into the sand bed before a crab can catch them. i keep lots of nassarius for that reason, and they're really cool to watch rise out of the sand at feeding time. the astraea are the ones you'll have to watch as when they fall they can't right themselves. they are a great snail to keep though and will eat most types of algae including cyano and diatoms.

    i find the key to a good clean up crew is diversity, a few of these and a few of those and maybe one of those. what you have now will make a great start just slowly add a few more as the tank needs it.

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    i didn't forget turbos, i don't like cause depending on the region theyre from they might be temperate instead of tropical, thus it'll die.

    they're big and powerful and push things over :P

    i like conch though, strawberry and fighting conch are good additions

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