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    Huge thumbs-up to Oliver AKA "Liv"

    He brought over his huge 75lb drill press and now I have two 2.5" holes in my 60g tank :speedbana
    I am so glad I did not attempt it myself because I would have failed miserably.

    He even drew me pictures of each fitting I needed to buy to plumb my overflows.

    If anybody is looking to get their tank drilled Oliver is the man!

    Here is a pics of the fittings.

    Here is a pic of my tank a few days ago before I decided to switch to salt.

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    wow thata clean tank, not at all what i woulda done (i like naturalistic aquascape)

    happy dirllin eh, have fun getting everything!

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    looking good !
    no problem for the drilling.. glad i can help!
    can't wait to see this thing run saltwater!
    post some pics as your progress

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    Looking very good!
    180g AGA inwall W/ 2 overflows W/ 205g sump 20g fuge, 77g W/ 30g sump 12g fuge w/mag 9.5 pump.

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