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    weird "poofing" in my rock

    Hey guys! When i got home from work this morning i noticed something weird in my tank. One of my rocks was actually "poofing" out what seemed to be dust. This happened every second or so. Upon closer inspection i noticed the "dust" was coming from a little critter in my rock. I didnt get a good look at the beast but it did seem to have a pair of antenna's. After all the "poofing" was done it slowly moved back into the rock. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? and if it needs to be removed from the tank?

    Thanks all!

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    I kind of sounds like a mantis shrimp. If thats the case do search for "Mantis shrimp" I had one in my tank. They are pretty cool but also very dangerous to your fingers. They have a nickname "Thumb smashers" for a reason. Thats the only real thing that use to do that in my tank. I'm sure someone else is going to chime in when they crawl out of bed!! :biglaugh2 Good luck with him. Oh and they are a very hot item to get a hold of and kind of rare. And they are not reef safe!!
    Mike Philpott

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    Actually, not a mantis shrimp.
    Those are peanut worms. Nothing to worry about. Just some symbiotic life that comes with live rock.
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    i have seen the same thing and with closer inspection there was (what looked like) a slug but turned out to be stomatella snail and it was spawning

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