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    My LFS marathon day....

    I decided to go check out Aqua Tropical in Vadreuil today, I haven't been there in months, actually more like a year. I originally bought some LR from them when I setup my tank in Nov/2005.

    Their saltwater section is very small and I was hoping they would have expanded on it significantly, but it's still small.

    They did have a flame angel for 39.99 that sold, sorta wish I coulda been there for that. I want one and I'm not ready to pay the 79.99 price tag big al's is asking....

    So I run over to fairview mall as I recall they have a petstore there. Safari I think. when I arrived the saltwater tanks (6 I think) were all empty and the LR was white. Guess they didn't make any money?

    Next stop, Aqua Tropical on Ferrier... I usually don't buy anything here, but I've been on vacation since the 21st and I'm bored so I make the journey from the west Island. I spot some cool zoa's in their display tank... more on this later... I head to the back and check out the fish selection. Like always it's pretty dismal.

    Every time I go there, the light on the inverts tanks are off, ya know the tanks on the right... I ask them why the lights were off and the guy said "We had a fire today"... He went on to say "That's why I'm seting up another tank, I hope to save these inverts, some of the chemicals from the fire extinguisher got in the tanks... " ... uh.. ok.. cool.. I guess I won't be buying any hermits today!

    I stop and glance at the display again and notice the zoa's again, the chinese guy is close and I ask him how much for a small frag? He asked me to pick out one, so I did.. It had roughly 15 heads as you will see in the pics. He told me 10 dollars. I reach into my pocket and pull out a 5 and 2 loonies and a toonie, so I say "How about 9?" He nodded and went to get a bag.. He threw in another frag about the same size too! I get to the cash and literaly only have 9 bux on meand I didn't want to use my debit card, so I told the guy at the cash no tax, special deal.. :biggrinbo Every time I go in there the chinese guy always gives me extra stuff, my gf doesn't like his attitude, but he really makes up for it with the stuff his gives... She's warming up to him..

    So I head back home and decide to stop at big al's, why not I say, I've only been there 19x this week... I go in and look around and decide to buy a brittle star to help my weak CUC.

    I take a 4 minute detour at nature, seeing as I bought a 29$ leather there the other day I didn't buy anything :biggrinbo Oh but if anyone is looking for HUGE leathers, Nature is selling the ones out of their display for 59$.. I really wanted the toadstool, but it's too big for my 29 gallon.. On a side note, I have 2 frags of devils hand, I think, so if anyone wants to trade for a small frag of toadstool ?

    So that's my day.. Oh I also hit reefsolution the other day too, always amazed at their coral tanks...

    I attached the zoa's and the leather... Can someone id?

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    Great trip! Great find/deal on the polyps at aqua. The old Asian guy is name Kent and it took about a year before we were able to have a long conversation. But once he knows you the deals he give is pretty good.

    Your trip was almost complete! you miss world fish in the east end
    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge. --
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    the zoas are a var. called "alien eye" i beleive

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