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    Anyone here sucess breeding cleaner shrimp?

    Hi all,

    There are about > 50 baby cleaner shrimps in my small sump just hatched 2 days ago. I removed their father and mother out on the first day because it looks like they were eating the baby. Now mother shrimp in my show tank have green eggs again..

    Anyway how to feed the baby shrimp.. any advices?

    Thank you.

    here is a pic of 2 days old cleaner shrimp, the pic it not clear because sump is plastic container

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    start on a phyto feed, then move to rotifers, needs to be fed live food only... thats why most avg hobbist can't raise them past a few weeks.

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    cool, i hope you are successful in raising them. do you have any pics of the mom with her new eggs?

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