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    Keeping Pseudochromis

    I'm looking for one last fish for my 55. I currently have 2 Percs, 2 Talbot's Damsels, 1 Lawnmower Blennie, and one Yellow Watchman gobie.

    For a while I was looking at various wrasses, and while I've had them in the past (six-line and yellow) and like them, they were hard on my sandbed (I have no refugium), so I've crossed them off the list.

    My search has now settled on the Dottybacks. They have a reputation of being aggressive, but he/she would be the last fish in. Any experience out there?

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    what did the six-line do to your sand bed? i have one with no refugium either? (and i was also thinking of getting a yellow - figured they would eat up all the pests)
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    What about a firefish or a Royal Gramma?

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    The royal gramma would be an awsome addition as the colors are insanely fluorecent. The dotty back, na, way to aggressive after. Wrasses, I picked up a Multi colored wrasse from Ivan and it is one of the best fishes in my tank. Took to food within days and never goes near the sand bed and doesn't bother any other fish.

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    Isn't the orchid dottyback fairly easy going? (fridmani) They are also being captive raised.
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    I'd go with Gail's choice or the blackcap basslet (I find them even prettier then the royals??

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    I've had 2 friends who've had this fish and both said they became very aggrresive but ya just never know. In a 55g there isn't much room for exsisting fish to get out of the way.

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