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    Anyone know where to get plastic like paint?

    I am looking for a very, very good sealer to paint the inside of my saltwater built in cabinet/closet. I seem to recall something called plastic seal paint but can't find anything.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? The tank is going to be built in to a closet (with ventilation) so there will be lots of moisture and heat (250W MH).


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    I'd say any High gloss oil paint would be just fine. And do a couple of coats. Thats what I done on mine.
    Mike Philpott

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    I think you mean epoxy paint. That's what we have at work(we wash walls, ceilings with a soaking mop and never had issues).
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    I built my sump out of plywood with a glass front almost two years ago. I primed it and painted it with a two part epoxy paint called Klenk's. If you call around to some specialty paint stores you should be able to find it. I bought mine at a store on Industrial Avenue off St.Laurent. It is quite strong when you mix it, so do it in a ventilated area. I have not regretted using this stuff. Worth the look. My sump is still well sealed and no problems with leaching into the water. Highly recommend this stuff.

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