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Thread: Calcium Reactor

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    Calcium Reactor

    Just a quick question, instead of using a Calcium Reactor system, can you use the same calcium, put it into your filter media area of your filter and will it then slowly desolve over time ??

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    No the reactor requires carbon dioxide (CO2) to lower the Ph of the water inside the reactor between 6.5 and 7. This dissolves the media which is then dripped back into your tank.
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    As swiseman says no. You will get very little media being used up. It will more likely act as rock rubble in your filter (which isn't bad). But, the rate it adds calcium to the system wouldn't keep up with any coral.

    Alternatives to a calcium reactor are:

    1) more water changes ($$)
    2) additives ($$)
    3) a kalk reactor (different media and fed with pure water as topoff) ($)
    4) using kalkwasser as topoff (cheap but labourious)

    A Calcium reactor should be used in conjunction with a PH controller to prevent spike. Similarly, using any additive or kalkwasser you should monitor your params carefully.
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