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    With regrets, I am selling off

    It has been along time since I posted here. My job is such that I am away more than I am home. After much consideration, I have decided to leave the hobby. Under the current circumstances, I cannot give the critters the attention they deserve.

    I actually have two tanks although only one is stocked with livestock. I will be selling all, livestock first, then equipment.

    This was not an easy decision. I figure my job will change in a few years and then maybe I can get back into it. At that time we will be building a new house and I can return to the SW that I love.

    In the meantime I will just continue my travels.


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    Sorry to see you go Ward... make sure to keep in touch!!

    On another note... just a reminder than anything you plan on selling should be posted in the classifieds section of the site and not on the open forum.


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    Very sorry to hear your leaving the hobby and if I remember you building the new house just down the road so keep in touch and let me know if you need any help at all setting the new tank up!

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    Dark, thanks. I will certainly keep you in mind. I will be able to use your large tank knowledge then. the plan is to build a tank room in the basement at the time we build. By then I should be able to "stay at home".

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    Sad to read these types of posts, but we all know you will be back.

    They all come back

    I am looking foreward to what you might have for sale. lol
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