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    Solenoid valve for CO2?

    For those of you running calcium reactors, do you think a solenoid valve is really worth the extra cost? I'm going to be ordering a gauge set and tank soon and I'm debating if it's worth the extra cash.


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    I think they are. Even if you don't use one to turn the CO2 off when your power goes out occasionally, they come in really handy for turning the CO2 off if the pH in your tank drops below a certain point. Mind you, you also need to have a pH controller for that.
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    Think of it more as a safety backup device such as how MalHavoc mentioned. If the power goes out and it keeps feeding CO2, it can cause big problems for the tank and worst, it can affect you. It can become unhealthy for people in the house if too much gets into the air.

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